Andy Ma

About Me:

I LOVE making games.

My passion for game development started, suprisingly, through making modifications for the game Minecraft in Java! Thousands of lines of code later, my love for game development has remained.

Currently, I have a strong interest for the C++ language, computer graphics, multithreaded architectures and memory/performance optimization. Working on a C++/OpenGL rendering engine on the side!

I've had the amazing opportunity to work at some great companies, mainly focusing on mobile game development, with strong Unity, Java and C++ skills working with both front and back-end systems, helping to develop and maintain 5M+ player games like FIFA Mobile, and Trailer Park Boys: Greasy Money alongside large teams of talented people!

I love developing personal projects for fun, to learn new skills and to develop games that I enjoy! I'm constantly learning in my spare time, and work on projects to reinforce my knowledge and create some cool stuff!

Below are open-source projects that I have made over the years. Check out my Github for a deeper-dive, or my LinkedIn for more info on my job experince!


3D rendering/game engine made with C++ using OpenGL
parallel-engine demo


Top-down 2D Medival RTS done in C++ with Allegro5

Top-down 2D farming adventure done in Java with libGDX